Buying Your Home with David Brenton's Team

Every local real estate market has its own trends and opportunities which can vary greatly, even one neighborhood to the next. Central Indiana is no different! It is our job to assist you in finding opportunities and guide you away from traps. Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, and our team is here to help. Here are the reasons why home buyers choose us to help them find and buy the home of their dreams.

We'll Guide You Step by Step Through the Process

As top Central Indiana REALTORS®, we will guide you through the entire process, from obtaining financing to making sure the final contract is in your best interest. You should know absolutely everything about the property you are buying! You and a member of David Brenton’s Team will view every home that you are interested in. And prior to closing, we will make you fully aware of any and all inspections available to you.

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We Have a Wealth of Home Buying Resources

When you work with us, you have our expertise, knowledge, and resources available to you. You will have full access to all homes available in the Central Indiana real estate market. You will be able to know the true market value of the home you are interested in, helping you determine whether it's priced too high or it's a bargain that you should jump on. We help home buyers make decisions like this every day, and we’ll make sure that you get the best value for your money.

We'll Negotiate on Your Behalf

Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. We will help you negotiate so that the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions.

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We'll Help You Close with Confidence

Have confidence when signing documents. Contracts are full of complicated terms and clauses that can greatly affect your future life in your new home. We will give you the full benefit of our real estate knowledge and experience. We'll also give you a glossary of terms that can help you better understand the closing process.

Ready to Buy a Home in Central Indiana?

Let us represent your best interests in your search for a new home in Central Indiana. Take a look at some of the home buying resources we have to offer, including a mortgage payments calculator and step-by-step guide to buying a home. If you're ready to view properties and take the next step in the purchase process, just call us at 317-882-7210.

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