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What you Need for a Home Loan


Paycheck Stubs: These should be typed or computer generated, and must include your name or social security number, year-to-date earnings, and the employer’s name. Bring the two most current pay stubs for each person applying.

W-2 forms: These must be included for all employers for the last two years. They should also be legible copies.

Signed Federal Tax Returns: These must be for the last two years, complete with supporting documents.

Retirement, Social Security, Child Support: Copies of award letters, checks, divorce decrees, court support ledgers are acceptable proof of income.

Bank Statement: Past two months original statements from each bank where you have an account.

Stocks and Bonds: Proof of ownership and value.

List of all Creditors: Addresses, account numbers, monthly payments and balances owing.

Verification of Mortgage: Canceled checks for the last twelve months, or last year-end account statements plus canceled checks for elapsed months since statement was issued.

Certificate of Eligibility or DD2214: For VA loans only.

Fees: A personal check to cover the cost of your appraisal and credit report. Ask your Loan Originator for an estimate.

Purchase Agreement: You will need a legible signed copy, along with a copy of the earnest money check, once you have an accepted offer. This is not needed for the pre-approval.

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